Library Services

Stamford University Library developed a library automated software Koha through which it provides the OPAC (online public access catalog) for its users. The OPAC is designed for a user to be searched of his/her desired books and journal from anywhere in the world using the Stamford university website or the link

An institutional repository is an online archive for collecting, preserving, and disseminating digital copies of the intellectual output of an institution. Stamford Library users can upload their digital collection e.g. thesis, internship report for further use and preservation subject to approval of Library authority. Users also can download their desired E-book/journal/report at anytime and anywhere in the world using the Stamford university website or the link “”

Stamford Library users have an access facilities (On campus) to 1768 E-Journals of Emerald 194 and IEEE Publishers with the collaboration of UDL (UGC Digital Library). Users can browse and download his/her desired journal contents using library webpage of the Stamford University Bangladesh website.

Stamford library is also facilitated with circulation service (check in/check out) of books and other library resources among the students, faculties and staff of the University.

Stamford Library has an individual webpage in where user may get detail information about Stamford University Library. They can search, browse, download and upload of digital collection using the Library webpage.

Stamford University Library sends SMS to the defaulter users regularly, whose book return date has been expired. This service builds awareness among the users to return the book on due time.
Stamford Library users have the opportunity to search their desired books and journals by using a particular computer situated at inside of library premise, which is called search port.
Stamford University Library deserves a proud of its reading room facility, which contains almost 800 sitting capacity at Dhanmondi and Siddeswary capus. The reading service continues from 9.00 AM to 8.00 PM on every working days except the government’s holydays and other holidays time to time declared by the authority.
Reference service usually refers to the user to a particular piece of information rather than read page to page. Stamford University Library maintains two well resourced and decorated reference sections in both the campuses, Dhanmondi and siddeswari Library. The reference sections are well resourced with its rare and popular Books, journal, magazine, encyclopedia, atlas; maps and other informative collections.
Stamford University library is providing CAS (current awareness service) to the users informing about new collections through OPAC interface and hanging a list of new arrival on notice board.
To find out the desired information from the vast amount of information is called IRS (Information retrieval services). To provides this the library is designed with online searching facilities and search ports inside the library premises.
Considering the convenient of the users Stamford Library is providing printing and photocopy facilities by paying with a nominal charge.