General Rules & Directions for Library Users

The University Library remains open from 9:00 AM. to 8:00 PM. except holidays. The authority is empowered to reschedule the library hour whenever necessary. Noted that Business Library at Siddeswari campus remains open on every Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM for the convenient of the users.

Members must bear library card whenever in the library.
Library users must be very much careful to keep silence.
Folder, Files and bags etc are not allowed in the library.
Smoking, eating, drinking (except fresh water) is strictly prohibited in the library.
Mobile/cell phones must be kept switched off / silence before entering in to the library.
Library card is not transferable to anyone.
None can issue book(s) instead of others.
A user can bear laptop in library reading room depositing the laptop bag in pigeonhole.
The laptop can be used only for study purpose in the library premises, otherwise, it will not be permitted in the library.
i) A pigeonhole (Bag counter) is maintaining to be deposited bags of the user keeping valuable belongings like cell phone, ornaments, Money, pen drive etc. with himself / herself before entering in to the library i.e. no valuable things will remain in that very bag which is to be deposited in the pigeon hole. Moreover, if any user keep any valuable thing into the bag, it will be treated as his / her personal responsibility and no complain will be accepted in library office regarding the losing of his / her valuable thing.
ii) Students are advised to keep their bags in pigeonholes taking a token against it.
iii) Pigeonhole (Bag counter) services start after 05 minutes of opening the library and stop before 05 minutes of closing the library. So, students and users are rigidly advised to receive their bags before 05 munities of closing the library.
iv) Students and users are also advised to be aware about keeping the token cautiously. Otherwise, If the token is lost, it has to pay Tk. 100 as a fine for replacing the lost token with a new one of the same number.
v) Deposited bag must be collected from the pigeonhole on the same day before 05 minutes of closing the Library. If the deposited bag is not collected on the same day, the defaulter will be imposed up on a penalty which will be determined by the Library authority.
a) To obtain books for BOT.
The members of BOT are entitled to obtain 2 different books at a time for 10 days. The obtaining process is subject to be gotten the membership of the library along with a library card.
b) To obtain books for Faculties.
i) A Full time Faculty Member will be entitled to borrow 05 (five) different books at a time. She/he can issue a text book for a full trimester and reference book for ten days only. It may be renewed time to time.
ii) A part time faculty member will be entitled to borrow at best 3 different books for one month. He/ She should have the firm desire to return or reissue within or by the schedule date.
iii) If the faculty member fails to return / reissue any book within due date, the Librarian may issue him/her a reminder letter with an apprising to the higher authority.
c) To obtain books for officers and staffs.
All the university officers and staffs are entitled to obtain books following the rules which is applicable to the students except counting the delay fine. On the contrary to this, they are rigidly advised to return the issued books by the scheduled date.
d) To obtain books for Students.
i) A student can obtain book(s) from the library against depositing his/her Library membership card.
ii) The students are allowed to issue 02 (two) different books at a time for 10 days only. If the due date is on holiday(s) after holidays the first day of the opening University will be considered as the schedule/due date. On expiry of the due date TK. 10 will be charged per day for each issue. In this regard, there is no provision of re-issuing of the same book on the same day. The borrower may borrow that book on any following day. It is mandatory for every student and user to fill up his /her ID No. and sign in the respective columns of book card while issuing the book/s.
iii) The students are allowed to issue one CD / DVD for two days. In this regards, there is no provision of re-issuing of the same CD/DVD on the same day
iv) Book / CD / DVD will be issued on a first-come-first serve basis.
v) Any reference book, thesis paper, dissertation and proposal paper is completely prohibited to be issued.
i) Students must return books on due date even if there is no class to be held on the date. If student fails to return book(s) within / by the due date, she/he has to pay fine TK. 10 per book for per day basis.
ii) In case of losing book, the student/user is advised to inform the concerned desk immediately and must be replaced the book by a new one or pay the existing market price of the book along with the accumulated delay fine. The same rule will be materialized in case of losing CD/DVD
iii) Students shall be held to compensate for making any damage, page cutting or marking in the book, in such case, he / she will have to replace the new copy or pay the existing market price .
iv) In case of losing the library card a student has to pay Tk. 50.00 only as re-issue fee.
v) Students must return CD/DVD on due date even if there is no class to be held on the date. If student fails to return CD/DVD within the due date, she/he has to pay fine 10 taka per CD/DVD per day basis.
vi) If any student loses his / her token (bag counter), he/she must pay Tk. 100 only as fine.
vii) If a Library book is found with a student outside the Library without being issued, the student will be treated as miscreant .In such malpractice, any penalty of the following shall be imposed to the concerned student:
Library membership for one/more trimester may be held up
Tk. 5000 may be materialized as fine
Examination for one trimester may be held up
Result may remain withheld until the fine amount is paid to the account office of University.
viii) The Library authority reserves the right to hold up or expulsion of membership in case of violating library rules or misconduct in library premises.
The accomplishment of taking clearance from the library office is mandatory for all the students, faculties and staffs at the time of withdrawing certificates and leaving the job. The clearance is accomplished subject to be deposited issued book/s and library membership card to the library office.