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Stamford University Library co-operate its Users and Patrons in their studies, research and teaching through providing access to online resources and electronic resources (e-resources). Stamford Library is subscribing to IEEE and EMERALD Journals through UDL (UGC Digital Library) which comprises e-journals, e-magazines, e-conference proceedings, reports, periodicals, and newsletters. Stamford Library also gets Institutional Memberships under the platform of research4life.As a member of research4life Stamford users get access to Hinari, Agora, ARDI and OARE Online journals which comprise a huge number of E-books and E- journals on different disciplines.  Regularly new titles/items are added with Electronic Collections. Summary is given here.

AGORA (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture)
ARDI (Access to Research for Development and Innovation)

3.   Emerald e-Journals
HINARI (Health Internet Access to Research Initiative)
IEEE Xplore Digital Library

6.   OARE (Online Access to Research in Agriculture)


AGORA (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture)


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AGORA (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture) is founded by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN with the collaboration of major leading publishers. It provides access to the users of developing countries to its digital library collections. It covers the disciplines in the field of food, agriculture, environmental science and social sciences.  AGORA provides access to 8,200 key journals and 22,000 key eBooks. AGORA is designed to enhance the scholarship of students, faculty and researchers in agriculture and life sciences.  AGORA is founded in 2003 and its HQ is in Italy.

Subject Areas:

1)      Economics/Social Science

2)      Environment/Ecology/Natural Resources

3)      Biotechnology/Applied microbiology

4)      Biology (General)

5)      Food Science/nutrition

6)      Forests & Forestry

7)      Entomology/pest Control

8)      Development Studies

9)      Chemistry/Biochemistry

10)  Agriculture

11)  Animal Science

12)  Biophysics

13)  Plant Science/ Soil Science

14)  miscellaneous


ARDI (Access to Research for Development and Innovation)


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ARDI (Access to Research for Development and Innovation) is founded and coordinated by the World Intellectual Property Organization with the collaboration and in partnership of major leading publishers of the world. ARDI’s aim is to promote the integration of developing and least developed countries into the global knowledge economy and allow them to realize creative and innovative potential. ARDI has more than 7,800 journals and 21,000 e-books. ARDI motto is designed to reinforce the knowledge infrastructure in both (developing and least developed) countries and to support researchers in creating and developing new solutions. ARDI is founded in 2009.

Subject Areas:

1)      Civil Engineering

2)      Electrical engineering

3)      Microbiology

4)      Pharmacy & pharmacology

5)      Statistics & mathematics

6)      Building Construction

7)      Acoustics / Sound

8)      Botanical Sciences

9)      Biology

10)  Astronomy

11)  Biomedical Engineering, electronics & instrumentation

12)  Bridge Engineering

13)  Chemistry

14)  Environmental technology

15)  Geology & earth Sciences

16)  Development Studies

17)  Home Economics

18)  Chemical Technology

19)  Ocean Engineering

20)  Mechanical Engineering & machinery

21)  Intellectual Property

22)  Medical Technology

23)  Motor vehicles/Aeronautics

24)  Physiology

25)  Manufactures

26)  Human Anatomy

27)  Marine Engineering

28)  Mining Engineering

29)  Photography

30)  Physics

31)  Railroad Engineering And operation

32)  Technology Therapeutics

33)  Science


 EMERALD E-Journals


Emerald is a global publisher and provides access to high quality, peer-reviewed research. Emerald has been providing services since last 50 years. Emerald manages a portfolio of over 300 journals. Emerald journals are indexed by Scopus and new articles are added continually for users, researchers and practitioners.

Stamford Library’s subscription to EMERALD Journals comprises with:

Subject Areas:

1) Accounting

2) Finance

3) Business

4) Economics

5) Management

6) Engineering

7) Human Resources

8) Organizational Studies

9) Information Management

10) Knowledge Management

11) Library Studies

12) Marketing

13) Operations

14) Logistic & Quality

15) Environment

16) Tourism and Hospitality



1) Accounting, Finance & Economics eJournal Collection (EAFE) -24 Titles
2) Business, Management and Strategy eJournal Collection (EBMS) -31 Titles
3) Education eJournal Collection (EEDU) -13 Titles
4) Engineering eJournal Collection (EENG) -23 Titles
5) HR, Learning & Organization Studies eJournal Collection (EHRLOS) -19 Titles
6) Health & Social Care eJournal Collection (EMXHSC) – 6 Titles
7) Information & Knowledge Management eJournal Collection (EMXIKM) -11 Titles
8) Library Studies eJournal Collection (ELIB) -17 Titles
9) Marketing eJournal Collection (EMAR) -16 Titles
10) Operations, Logistics & Quality eJournal Collection (EOLQ) -12 Titles
11) Property Management & Built Environment eJournal Collection (EPMBE) -11 Titles
12) Public Policy & Environmental Management eJournal Collection (EPPEM) -8 Titles
13) Tourism and Hospitality eJournal Collection (EMXTH) -3 Titles

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HINARI (Health Internet Access to Research Initiative)


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HINARI (Health Internet Access to Research Initiative) is founded by World Health Organization (WHO) with the collaboration of major leading publishers. HINARI is the provider of Online Resources to users. It provides free access to collections of biomedical and health literature for low and middle-income countries. It has more than 13,000 journals (in 45 different languages) and 56,000 e-books on the web/archive. HINARI is founded in 2002 and its HQ is in Switzerland.


Subject Areas:

1)      Agriculture

2)      Animal Culture

3)      Biochemistry

4)      Biology

5)      Botanical Science

6)      Cardiology

7)      Development Studies

8)      Economics

9)      Education

10)  Engineering

11)  Entomology

12)  Environmental Science & Geography

13)  Internal medicine

14)  Law

15)  Pharmacy and Pharmacology

16)  Medicine, General

17)  Microbiology

18)  Neurosciences

19)  Philosophy & Humanities

20)  Physics

21)  Psychology

22)  Public health

23)  Social Sciences

24)  Statistics & mathematics

25)  Etc


IEEE Xplore Digital Library


IEEE Xplore Digital Library is an electronic resource gateway for discovery and access to scientific and technical contents which have been published by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and its publishing partners. Its HQ is based in USA.

IEEE Xplore Digital Library provides access to more than four-million full-text (HTML & PDF) journal contents from some of the world’s most highly cited academic publications in electrical engineering, computer science and electronics literature.

Stamford Library’s subscription to IEEE Xplore Digital Library comprises with:

 Subject Areas:

1) Computer Science
2) Electrical Engineering
3) Electronics


1) IEEE All-Society Periodicals Package (ASPP) – 208 Journal Titles
2) IEEE Proceedings Order Plan (POP ALL) – 13,496 Proceedings and Transactions Titles

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 OARE (Online Access to Research in Agriculture)


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OARE (Online Access to Research in the Environment) is founded by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in partnership with Yale University and with the collaboration of major leading 80 publishers. OARE provides access to 10,000 journals and 22,000 e-books. It covers a wide range of disciplines – including toxicology and pollution, zoology, botany, ecology, geology, hydrology, oceanography, meteorology, climatology, geography, environmental law and policy, conservation policy and planning, environmental biotechnology, energy, and many more. OARE is founded in 2006.

Subject Areas:

1)      Biology

2)      Biotechnology, genetics &genetically modified Species

3)      Botany, Plant biodiversity & plan Science

4)      Climatology, Climate Change& meteorology

5)      Development Studies

6)      Ecology

7)      Economics

8)      Education and library science

9)      Energy conservation 7renewable energy

10)  Engineering and related technologies (Environmental)

11)  Environmental Chemistry

12)  Environmental law, policy &Planning

13)  Fish & Fisheries

14)  Forest & forestry

15)  Geography & population studies& migration

16)  Geology & earth Science

17)  Microbiology, Biochemistry& other biosciences

18)  Natural disasters

19)   Oceanography & marine Biology

20)  Physical Sciences

21)  Population And environmental toxicology

22)  Science

23)  Social Science

24)  Soil Sciences

25)  Statistics, Computer & Modeling

26)  Veterinary & agriculture Science

27)  Water & hydrology

28)  Zoology, Animal Biodiversity & animal science




Note: Same Username and Password are applicable for 4 resource databases/archives of Research4Life.

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Research4Life is a public-private partnership initiative of the WHO, FAO, UNEP, WIPO, Cornell and Yale Universities, the International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers. Research4Life is designed to provide access to research in the developing world. Research4Life is working together with more than 200 partners and leading publishers to provide free access to resources (journals & books) to researchers in the developing countries. Research4Life is comprised with 4 components – HINARI, AGORA, OARE and ARDI which are providing access to researchers in low- and middle-income countries with free or low-cost online access to leading Ejournals and eBooks in the fields of health, agriculture, environment, and applied sciences. The goal of Research4Life is to reduce the knowledge gap between high-income countries and low- and middle-income countries by providing affordable access to critical scientific research. Research4Life is founded in 2001. Following are the components of Research4Life.

 1) HINARI (Health Internet Access to Research Initiative)
2) OARE (Online Access to Research in Agriculture)
3) AGORA (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture) &
4) ARDI (Access to Research for Development and Innovation)