Emergency Meeting against Militancy

12 July, 2016: In the wake of the recent terrorist activities, an emergency meeting was held at the Head office of Stamford University Bangladesh to bolster security against terrorism and devise strategy to carry out anti-terrorist campaign in the campus. In the meeting a mourning proposal was taken for the deceased victims who were brutally killed at the Holy Artisan Bakery at Gulshan by the terrorists. The heinous attack perpetrated by the terrorists was condemned.

Necessary directives were given to all concerned to ensure the safety of the campuses of the University, and to guard against the militant thoughts and indoctrination among the students. A committee headed by the ProVC was formed to explore the detection  procedure of absentee students in classes to comply with Governmentst’s direction. Mechanism for creating awareness against terrorism was also discussed in the meeting.

The chairmen of all departments were advised to monitor students’ activities, and attitude and to keep track of their attendance in classes. Checking of baggages and vehicles of students and employees in the campuses were also stressed in the meeting.

The Founder and President, Board of trustees Professor Dr. M.A. Hannan, other trustee members, the Vice Chancellor- Professor Dr. M. Feroze Ahmed, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dean, Chairmen,  Registrar, Treasurer & Proctor were present in the meeting.