Centre for Professional Development in Business (CPDB)

Faculty of Business Studies, Stamford University Bangladesh
A Centre named CPDB (Centre for Professional Development in Business) has been created in Stamford University Bangladesh. The Centre will be a non-profit multidisciplinary research, training and development wing of the faculty of Business Studies. The aim of the Centre has been set with a view to provide and create facilities for the academics, professionals and students to improve their skills and efficiency in decision making process of business and applied business disciplines. In addition to imparting formal training to the participants, the Centre will also make efforts to conduct various research and consultancy in the field of business, economics and finance. The major features of the Centre may be highlighted as:

Faculty Development Program (FDP)

FDP is designed to enhance the faculty skills on teaching, research proposal writing, research methodology and data analysis techniques. CPDB holds professional development training, certification program, workshop, seminar, symposiums etc. in business and management.

Professional Development Program (PDP)

PDP provides business professionals with the opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenges of global business world.

Research & Consultancy (R&C)

The objective of the R &C is to conduct Research and Consultancy in the field of business and applied business within and in collaboration with outside organization. The activities designed under R & C are:

To provide professional reviews and publication of a business journal.
To organize International Annual Conference in contemporary business issues.
To conduct consultancy work in domestic, multinational, government entities, NGOs and other donor agencies.

Contact Information:

Prof. Dr. Jamal Uddin Ahmed,
Dean, Faculty of Business Studies, Stamford University Bangladesh
Email: kjets2001@yahoo.com
Executive Director
Md. Rabiul Kabir
Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, Stamford University Bangladesh
E-mail: md.rabiul.kabir@gmail.com
Centre Office:
Room No. 301/B, Business Administration Building,
Block # B, 753 Satmosjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka- 1209.
Phone: + 880 2 9124161, 8155834,8144303