Job Placement Services for Stamford Graduates

Stamford University offers assistance to students who desire to get job in foreign countries especially in the USA. Such students are advised to contact with our following office in the USA through our office:

Corporate Liaison Center in the USA
Stamford Group USA
37-13, 74 Street, J. H. NY 11372, USA
Fax: 001-718-3354528

Main Tasks of Corporate Liaison Center

Stamford University has a liaison center in the USA, which performs the following tasks:

Head-quarter for all franchise campus activities
To administrate campuses round the world
To handle credit transfer and degree transfer for on campus students
Fresh admission in different campuses for students of different countries
Job placement services for Stamford Graduates

International Students' & Teachers' Id & Information About Volunteer Jobs in Foreign Countries

Students and teachers of Stamford University as well as any Stamford Campus are entitled to get Students' or Teachers' International ID Card from the Council of International Education Exchange (CIEE), the authorized organization to issue International Students'/ Teachers' ID cards.

This organization also arranges part-time jobs and international volunteer positions for eligible ID holders in their respective fields in different countries of the world, including the USA and Canada.

Interested students and teachers can process their application for international ID either through our office or direct to the following address for better service.

How to Apply for your International Identity Card?

Mail Your Application to:
Address :New York Student Center
895 Amsterdam Ave.
New York NY 10025, USA
Phone :(212)666 4177
Fax :(212)666 5012
ID Cards Issued:
(ISIC) Student, (ITIC) Teacher, (GO 25) Youth
For ID
For job
Web Page:
For ID
For job

Include with your application:

One passport size photo (with name printed in ink on the back)
Payment (please check web page)
Proof of student, faculty or youth status such as copy of current ID card of the institution.
Council of International Education Exchange (CIEE)
205 E 42nd Street, New York 10017-5706, USA
Tel: 1-800-226-8642, 212-822-2600, Fax: 212-822-2869