Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.)

(Course Outline)
The Department of Architecture offers undergraduate & graduate degree in Architecture. The undergraduate program is a five-year curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree. This is a professional degree that fulfills the educational requirements of a licensed architect. The program provides opportunities for general education as well as preparation for professional practice and/or graduate study.

We are committed to the study of architecture as a cultural discipline in which issues of practice, of the multiplicity of social formations in which buildings exist, and of environmental effect are enfolded with the subject matter of building design- construction, space, material, form and use. Architecture arises from the aspirations that diverse individuals and groups have for their *Physical environment, and from the social enterprise of designing and fabricating the landscape we inhabit. It involves individual and multiple buildings, the spaces within them, and the exterior landscape.
Duration of the Program:
The duration of the program is 5 (five) academic years.
Total Credit Hours Requirement:
Bachelor of Science in Architecture program consists of 81 courses having 194.0 credit hours with project and thesis out of 82 courses. Among these 68 courses, 59 courses are compulsory & 9 courses are optional.
Program Structure:

SL Course Code Course Title Cr.Hr. Prerequisite
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