Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English

(Course Outline)

The Department of English offers Bachelor of Arts in English, Master of Arts in English (Final) & Master of Arts in English (Preliminary and Final) programs. These programs aim at providing modern education in English and preparing students as well-trained English professionals to meet the demand for national and international English professionals.

These programs also aim.

1.To teach students standard English.
2.To teach students to read more analytically.
3.To teach students to think more critically and logically.
4.To teach students to write more effectively.
5.To teach students basic research techniques.
6.To teach students basic speechmaking techniques.
7.To introduce students to the major literary movements and periods, films, genres, authors and representative works and critical theories.
8.To develop in students an aesthetic appreciation of literature and its contribution to the humanizing process of civilization.
9.To provide students with the tools for literacy criticism, analysis and evolution.
10.To teach students the basics of reading, speaking, writing and understanding a foreign language.
11.To facilitate an understanding of other countries and cultures.
12.To prepare students for graduate and professional study.
13.To encourage students to participate in departmental forums and in other literary and cultural activities.
14.To encourage students to work on student publications.
15.To develop in students a humanities-centered, interdisciplinary understanding of and appreciation for the diverse and unifying forces shaping Bangladeshi and English culture from its colonial beginning to the present.

An English graduate will be competent for the following jobs:

Civil ServicesBusiness NegotiatorEditorPublisherJournalistHuman ResourceTranslator
InterpreterMarketing ExecutiveBankerResearch Coordinator/officerExecutive SecretaryBusiness ExecutivePublic Relation Officer
Communication OfficerTeacherNGO ExecutiveSocial Development OfficerField OrganizerProgram CoordinatorProgram Adviser and other jobs.

Bachelor of Arts in English program has the following subjects as specialization/major:

a.English Literature
b.English Education
Duration of the Program:
The duration of Bachelor of Arts in English program is 4 academic years.
Total Credit Hours Requirement:
Bachelor of Arts in English program consists of minimum 133 Credit Hours.
Program Structure:

The Bachelor of Arts in English program consists of

1.Orientation Course04 credit hours
2.General Education (5 courses × 3 credit hours each) 15 credit hours
3.English Foundation & Professional Courses (8 courses × 3 credit hours each)24 credit hours
4.Free Electives (8 courses × 3 credit hours each)24 credit hours
5.English Courses (17 courses × 3 credit hours each)51 credit hours
6.Specialization/Major (4 courses × 3 credit hours each)12 credit hours
7.Project&Thesis03 credit hours
Total133 Credit Hours
Minimum 129 credit hours are required for the Bachelor of Arts in English program with major / concentration. Minimum “2.50” or higher CGPA is required to obtain the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in English. In addition, students must fulfill the professional development seminar and senior project requirements before graduation. Students must also complete the thesis requirements and a mandatory orientation course in 3 parts with a grade of 3.0 in each individual 3 parts to achieve academic and total excellence in the program and to “Bring Out The Best in a Student” Orientation course is a pre requisite to get Stamford degree in all programs.

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