Bachelor of Environmental Science

(Course Outline)
Environmental problems both regional and global caused by pollution, destruction of human habitats and biodiversity and the failure to use natural resources in a sustainable manner require multi disciplinary approaches for better understanding and successful solution. The courses offered in this department provide training in many of these approaches so that students gain an overview appropriate for managing environmental issues vis-Ă -vis sustainable use of natural resources and be capable of identifying appropriate and specialized solutions needed to address particular problems.

The Department of Environmental Science offers both bachelor degree. Students seeking bachelor degree can choose the courses related to environmental management, economics, legal aspects or policy and applied aspects, such as, GIS for development including relevant practical training.

The Environmental Science program is designed to train students’ in most environmental issues, pertinent to present day national, regional and global dimensions affecting man and its habitat. The program also offers practical training on environmental chemistry, environmental impact assessment and Geographic Information System. Some of the courses offered by the department are taught by visiting faculty members from home and abroad. Apart from the existing environmental laboratory, recently, the Department has set up its Geographical Information System Resource center that concentrates on geographic data base management, remote sensing analysis and mapping and has a plan to offer short/ certificate course in GIS for external graduates in the fields of geography and planning.
Duration of the Program:
The duration of the program is 4 (four) academic years.
Total Credit Hours Requirement:
Bachelor of Environmental Science program consists of 43 courses having 137.0 credit hours including project work and viva voce.
Program Structure:

SL Course Code Course Title Cr.Hr.
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