Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.)

(Course Outline)
The Department of Pharmacy offers the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.), i.e., B. Pharm. (Hons.) Degree. Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.) is a four-year degree course, which includes theoretical courses, laboratory works, project works and intensive industrial and hospital training. This program aims at providing students with modern and broad-based education in pharmaceutical sciences and preparing them as well-trained pharmacy professionals/pharmacists to meet the needs of the Pharmacy profession as practiced all over the world. Through this program students will be equipped with the ethical requirements and technical know-how of the profession to develop their ability to practice as skilled and competent pharmacists both at home and abroad and in any field of the Pharmacy profession. B. Pharm. (Hons.) graduates have ample scope to work in the production, quality control, quality assurance, sales and promotion departments of the pharmaceuticals manufacturing industries and in the Community and Hospital pharmacies both at home and abroad.
Duration of the Program:
The duration of the program is 4 (four) academic years.
Total Credit Hours Requirement:
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.) program consists of 60 courses having 145.0 credit hours including project and viva voce.
Program Structure:

SL Course Code Course Title Cr.Hr. Prerequisite
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