Bachelor of Social Science in Journalism for Electronic & Print Media

(Course Outline)
The Department of Journalism and Media offers the degree of Bachelor of Social Science in Journalism for Electronic & Print Media. Within this program, our goal is to prepare students both theoretically and practically: theoretically so their education will serve them well during their career, and practically so they are prepared to go into the workplace following graduation and perform in a highly acceptable manner. Our graduate students will expect to obtain an education, which includes components of professionalizing their journalism in electronic and print media specialty, obtaining graduate-level research skills and broadening their education. The university provides an academic environment, which includes state-of-the-art equipment and facilities both for students and faculty and opportunities for faculty members to enhance their teaching skills and conduct research of assistance to both the university and the journalism profession. The faculty's commitment, in turn, is to offer a quality program of education and to research, publish, and speak on subjects and in forums, which add to both the reputations of the faculty member and the institution.
A graduate of Journalism & Media Studies department of Stamford University will be competent for the following jobs: 1. Editor 2. Reporter 3. Producer 4. Publisher 5. Photo Journalist 6. Video Editor 7. Sub-editor 8. Copy-editor 9. Translator 10. Presenter 11. Media Manager 12. Media Market Researcher 13. Media Researcher 14. Communication Officer 15. Ad Maker 16. Public Relation Officer 17. Media Advocacy Officer 18. NGO Executive 19. Feature Reporter 20. Development Worker 21. Web-Journalist 22. Civil Services
Duration of the Program:
The duration of Bachelor of Social Science in Journalism for Electronic & Print Media program is 4 academic years.
Total Credit Hours Requirement:
Bachelor of Social Science in Journalism for Electronic & print Media program consists of 45 Courses and minimum 136.0 Credit Hours.
Program Structure:

SL Course Code Course Title Cr.Hr. Prerequisite
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