Master In Computer Application

(Course Outline)
The sole aim of Stamford University right from its inception as a private university is to provide world-class education and training to our abundant human resource in order to meet the needs of the 21st century. In this era of information technology, physical boundaries among the nations and countries can no longer impose any barrier to anyone who is capable enough to penetrate the opportunities available at the remotest part of the globe. The knowledge and information based society in most of the developed countries needs highly skilled and trained manpower in the field of Information Technology. Some of our neighbor countries have already been successful in capitalizing on their IT trained manpower. Bangladesh Government has declared IT as the thrust sector and has set a target of earning four billion US Dollar by 2005 by exporting software and IT enabled services. To fulfill this target the country needs thousands of IT trained manpower. All the public and private universities have opened up undergraduate curricula in Computer Science. But only a few universities are providing postgraduate education on Information Technology. Absence of postgraduate education has resulted in a serious lack of IT trainers in IT training and educational institutes. To fill this vacuum, Stamford University is proposing to open its Masters in Computer Application (MCA) Program. We have observed quite a big number of people working in IT divisions of many Govt., Semi Govt. and private organizations. They have mostly come from other than IT disciplines and do not have any formal training on Information Technology. The proposed MCA program is expected to be of help to these IT professionals.
Duration of the Program:
Total Credit Hours Requirement:

MCA Program has been designed to provide for the adjustment of variation on the backgrounds of the students. Normally MCA program consists of 17 courses having 57.0 credit hours with Project & Thesis. However, students having different educational backgrounds will require completing different number of courses and credit hours as shown in the following table.

Minimum courses & credit hours required to be completed by students with different backgrounds:

Educational backgroundTotal CoursesCredit Hours
BCA (4 years)1036.00
BCA/B.Sc. in CS (3 years) / B.Sc. Engg/ APE / M.Sc (Physics/Math)1242.00
M.Sc./M.Com/M.A./M.S.S./MBA, B.Sc./BBA/B.A./B.Com./B.S.S. (Hons)1448.00
Degree Pass (B.A. / B. Sc / B.Com. / B.S.S.)1860.00
Program Structure:

SL Course Code Course Title Cr.Hr. Prerequisite
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