Master of Business Administration

(Course Outline)
Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a post-graduate program which is mainly designed for managers, executives, supervisory staff and fresh but matured graduates from commerce, engineering, medicine and other disciplines with experience in business or education to prepare them for successful careers in modern competitive business professions and increase their knowledge in economic, social and political environment of business, firm, especially quantitative techniques, management and communication skills.
This program is conducted taking into account the changing needs and trends of the business/management and graduates career prospects. It, therefore, incorporates an international perspective and multidisciplinary approach in its teaching methods. Developing well-trained and skilled professionals for job opportunities is one of the most important ingredients of this program. The program content reflects a global outlook with students conducting their projects in different companies engaged in a variety of businesses.
4 courses of 3.0 credit hours each will have to be chosen from any one of the following areas:
Duration of the Program:
Total Credit Hours Requirement:

MBA Program has been designed to provide for the adjustment of variation in the backgrounds of the students. The normal credit hours requirement for MBA program is 66.0. However, students having different educational backgrounds and job experience will require to complete different totals of credit hours as shown in the following table.
Minimum credit hours requirements for students with different backgrounds:

Educational backgroundCredit requirement
Degree Pass (B.A. / B. Sc / B. Com. / B.S.S.)66
B.A. (Hons.) / B. Sc (Hons.) / B.S.S. (Hons.)60
M.A. / M.S.S.60
M. Sc.54
3 Years BBA / B.Com. (Hons.)54
B. Sc Engg. / B. Sc Agr.54
M. Com (Traditional System)48
M. Com (Course System) 42
4 Years BBA42

(Students may have to take some additional courses, which may be exempted considering their academic backgrounds and job experience)

A student may be exempted from taking certain courses after reviewing his previous academic background and job experience.

Program Structure:

MBA program consists of three types of courses :

1.Some foundation courses of noncredit depending on the academic background of the students.
2.Some foundation courses of 3.0 credit hours each depending on the academic background of the students.
3.Some core courses of 3.0 credit hours each depending on the academic background of the students.
4.04 specialization courses of 3.0 credit hours each for all MBA students.
5.Professional Orientation(ORE 102)is Compulsory for those students who do not have job experience
a)Students must complete required number of credit hours respectively with a minimum CGPA 2.5.
b)Students need to complete a Dissertation/Internship with a minimum grade of C+ unless specific waiver is granted in this regard.

Note: Students can choose more than 4 courses from Bank Management specialization area.

SL Course Code Course Title Cr.Hr. Course Type Specilization
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