Master of Social Science in Economics

(Course Outline)

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Master of Social Science in Economics program is designed to impart quality education to the graduate students of Economics and prepare them as the future economists, development practitioners and researchers to serve the country to the best of their ability. Apart from teaching, the program aims at pursuing research and disseminating the outcome of the researches among the academics and persons associated with academic pursuits.
Duration of the Program:
Total Credit Hours Requirement:
Master of Social Science in Economics program consists of 72.0 credit hours for Preliminary & Final and 36.0 credit hours for Final.
Program Structure:

SL Course Code Course Title Cr.Hr.
1 ECO 601 Advanced Microeconomics I 3
2 ECO 602 Advanced Microeconomics II 3
3 ECO 603 Advanced Macroeconomics I 3
4 ECO 604 Advanced Macroeconomics II 3
5 ECO 605 Economic Growth, Development & Planning I 3
6 ECO 606 Economic Growth, Development & Planning II 3
7 ECO 607 Advanced Econometrics 3
8 ECO 608 International Economics 3
9 ECO 609 Environmental Economics 3
10 ECO 610 Industrial Economics 3
11 ECO 611 Money and Finance 3
12 ECO 612 Thesis on Selected Economic Issues 3
13 ECO 614 Comprehensive and Viva Voce 3
14 MCSE 561 Communication Theory 3