Master of Business Administration

(Tuition Fee)
MBA program has been designed to provide for the adjustment of variation of the backgrounds of the students. Normally MBA program consists of 20 courses having 66.0 credit hours with Project & Thesis (Internship/Dissertation). However, students having different educational backgrounds and job experience will require to complete different number of courses and credit hours as shown in the following table.
Minimum courses & credit hours required to be completed by students with different backgrounds:
Educational BackgroundTotal CoursesCr. HrsTotal Fee (Internship G.)Total Fee (Course G.)
Internship G.Course G.
Degree Pass (B.A. / B. Sc. / B. Com. / B.S.S.)202266.02,19,000.002,22,000.00
B.A. (Hons.) / B. Sc. (Hons.) / B.S.S. (Hons.)182060.02,01,000.002,04,000.00
M.A. / M.S.S.182060.02,01,000.002,04,000.00
M. Sc.161854.01,83,000.001,86,000.00
3 Years BBA / B.Com. (Hons.)161854.01,83,000.001,86,000.00
B. Sc. Engg. / B. Sc. Agr.161854.01,83,000.001,86,000.00
M. Com. (Traditional System),65,000.001,68,000.00
M. Com. (Course System),47,000.001,50,000.00
4 Years BBA12.014.042.01,47,000.001,50,000.00

[ Students may have to take some additional courses.]

Credit Hour Exemption on Job Experience (Pure business related job)

SL. No.Job ExperienceExemption
1.Above one year but below two years3.0 credit hours
2.Two years/above two years but below three years6.0 credit hours
3.Three years/above three years but below four years9.0 credit hours
4.Four years/above four years but below five years12.0 credit hours
5.Five years/above five years18.0 credit hours


Job experience will be counted from the publication of the result of last degree submitted by the applicant. Job experience before publication of result will not be considered for credit hour exemption. Giving exemption does not mean that a student will be able to complete an MBA program completing credit hour fewer than 42.0. A student must complete at least 42.0 academic credit hours to earn an MBA degree whatever exemption he/she gets.

Generally students are to complete internship, which consists of 6.0 credit hours but if any student is exempted from internship, he/she will have to complete another 2 (two) courses of 3.0 credit hours each. But the exemption from internship totally depends on the decision of the proper authority.

Note: Students who are not at job or do not have job experience, will have to complete an extra course ‘ORE 103 Professional Orientation’.
SL Fee Collection Name Amount Description
1 Admission Fee 15000.0000 (One Time, Non Refundable)
2 Library Fee 2500.0000 (One Time)
3 Course Fee/Cr.Hr 3500.0000 Per Credit Hour
4 Development Fee 8000.0000 (One Time)
5 Medical Fee 1500.0000 (One Time)
Total fees: Please see the above list.

Other Fees

Purpose Amount
Id Card Fee :Tk. 100.00 (Mandatory for every student for each issuing)
Record Card Fee :Tk. 100.00 (Mandatory for every student for each issuing)
Campus change fee :Tk. 500.00 (If necessary)
Program Change Fee :Tk. 5000.00 (If necessary)
Readmission fee :Tk. 5000.00 (If necessary)

For all undergraduate programs

English Fundamental Course fee – as per the tuition fee of respective program. This course is mandatory for those students who will not be able to score above 50% marks in the English section of Admission Test.


1. Internship / project / thesis fee is subject to change without any prior notice. It can vary depending on supervisor or other situations.