Master of Laws (LL.M)

(Tuition Fee)
Master of Laws (LL. M., Final) program consists of 10 courses having 36.0 credit hours with project and thesis.
SL Fee Collection Name Amount Description
1 Admission Fee 15000.0000 (One Time, Non Refundable)
2 Library Fee 2500.0000 (One Time)
3 Course Fee/Cr.Hr 3000.0000 Per Credit Hour
4 Development Fee 8000.0000 (One Time)
5 Medical Fee 1500.0000 (One Time)
Total Fees: Tk. 1,12,600.00

Other Fees

Purpose Amount
Id Card Fee :Tk. 100.00 (Mandatory for every student for each issuing)
Record Card Fee :Tk. 100.00 (Mandatory for every student for each issuing)
Campus change fee :Tk. 500.00 (If necessary)
Program Change Fee :Tk. 5000.00 (If necessary)
Readmission fee :Tk. 5000.00 (If necessary)

For all undergraduate programs

English Fundamental Course fee – as per the tuition fee of respective program. This course is mandatory for those students who will not be able to score above 50% marks in the English section of Admission Test.


1. Internship / project / thesis fee is subject to change without any prior notice. It can vary depending on supervisor or other situations.