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Tuition fees Payment for Final Examination for Spring 2019 semester.

Date  :    May 14, 2019

Ref    :   14052019/3

From :   Office of the Accounts

To     :  Students of Pharmacy Department  

Sub   : Tuition fees Payment for Final Examination for Spring 2019 semester.

This notice is hereby given for the students of pharmacy department that, they are advised to pay their tuition fees of semester, Spring 2019 (Final) and all previous dues on or before May 28, 2019  (as per payment policy). All concerned students are advised to follow the said date conscientiously to regularize all tuition fees payment. Regarding this matter any irregularity and inconsistency will not be considered in any incident.

Please be aware that payment date will not be extended in any circumstances and no student will be allowed to sit for Final exam without paying their tuition fees (as per payment policy) of this semester.

Students paying by cheque must be conscious so that the cheque cannot be dishonored in any incident. Otherwise Tk. 1,000 will be treated as service charge for each dishonored cheque. Student should deposit the cross cheque 3 days before of the last date of payment



Md. Shahidul Islam

Chief Accounts Officer

Accounts & Finance Division

Stamford University Bangladesh