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Honorable Chairman

Profile of the Chairman

Fatinaaz Feroz

 BA (Hons.) - English Language and Literature, Dhaka University, 1981.
 MA - English Language and Literature, Dhaka University, 1982.
 MSS- Victimology and Restorative Justice Dhaka University, 2015.
 Ground Agent and attended, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, 1982
 English Copywriter, BITOPI ADVERTISING AGENCY, 1984-1985
 Part time Lecturer , ABUJAR GIFFARY COLLEGE, 1985-1986
 Assistant Sales Manager, HEALTH & HYGIENE, 1986-1987
 English Teacher, SCHOLASTICA, 1991
 Executive secretary, GULF AIR, 1992
 UNV Admin Assistant, UNV/UNDP, (December 1994-May 1995)

 President of STV, US 2005
 Chairman of the Board of Trustees, STAMFORD COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY, 1995- Present


Office Contact

Office of the Chairman
Stamford University Bangladesh
44 (Old 744) Satmosjid Road, Dhanmondi
Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh
Tel: +8802-8144303, 58151469, 9135398, 9119959, 9101008
E-mail: chairman@stamforduniversity.edu.bd

Message From The Chairman

Our founder, Prof. Dr. M. A. Hannan Feroz founded this University with the vision of providing education to the people of Bangladesh regardless of their standing in society. Stamford has always aimed to provide quality education and in the coming years we hope to not only follow but also improve on our vision to ensure education is available to all. We work hard towards ensuring students are prepared for their future. We aim to contribute a well rounded and skilled human resource into the workforce. For those of you who are considering to join us, we invite you with open arms. Come and take a look at our institution and get first hand knowledge of how we can contribute to your future. We have many academic departments with trained staff and faculty who are here to cater to your need. For those who have already joined us, thank you, and welcome to our family. Our family is enthusiastic and dedicated towards your success. Do not hesitate to seek guidance from your academic department and from the non- academic departments of the university. Both you and we are members of the Stamford family, lets work together to make this university the highest seat in the country.

Our vision is to bring out the best in you, help us achieve this goal.

Fatinaaz Feroz
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Stamford University Bangladesh


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