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Master of Arts in Film & Media (Final)

Master of Arts in Film & Media (Final) program consists of 36.0 credit hours and Master of Arts in Film & Media (Preliminary & Final) consists of 72.0 credit hours with project & thesis (3.0 Cr. Hrs.)

Fees Structure

Admission Fee : Tk. 15,000 (one time, non refundable)
Tuition Fee   : Tk. 3,000 per credit hour
Library Fee   : Tk. 2,500 (one time)
Development Fee  : Tk. 8,000 (one time)
Medical Fee   : Tk. 1,500 (one time)
Total Fees  : Tk. 1,35,400
Special Offer 1,00000 Taka for Limited Time only. Please Contact 01790240245 for Details.

Note: Students of film & media department will bear all expenses of film making, project, thesis, field work and other related activities.



For Graduate Programs:

20% Corporate waiver for at Least 3 participants from the same organization
10% waiver for anyone from any reputed organization
25% waiver for siblings and spouse who get admitted later

Special Features of Stamford Academic Programs:

Scholarship based on Trimester / Semester result as per university policy
Flexible Payment Policy

Foreign Student:

Service Charge : Tk. 20,000



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