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Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Computer science & Engineering (CSE) was established in 2002 which is a pioneer department of Stamford University Bangladesh. The CSE department has recently received the IEB accreditation and affiliations like Microsoft Imagine listed school. The mission of CSE department is to develop qualified and competent human resources with global standard teaching by ensuring up-to-date curriculum, classroom, lab facilities, and overall teaching quality improvement through training, workshops, conferences, industry collaboration etc., while conducting innovative research. The Department of Computer Science & Engineering maintains quality curriculums offering - i) B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) ii) M.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering (MCSE), and iii) Masters in Computer Applications (MCA). The graduates and post-graduates of the department are serving in many reputed IT companies at home and abroad. The Department of Computer Science & Engineering is regularly organizing seminars, workshops, and events such as Microsoft Technology Day, CSE Festivals, Cultural events, Annual Picnic etc. The students of the department are regularly participating in different programming contests, robotics competitions, debating etc. The department has established BASIS student forum, Stamford University Computer Society etc to strengthen IT industry collaborations. To enhance the IT skills in real-world scenario and to place themselves in tomorrow’s IT world; the department students are undergoing LICT-TopUp professional free of cost training courses on Android, Microsoft .NET, Web design etc by Earnest and Young. The strength of the department also lies in highly educated faculty members at home and abroad. At present, the department has twenty-two (23) full-time faculty members, an adjunct professor, and currently the department is chaired by Dr. Talal Rahman.

Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

The Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering offers Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Electronic plays a vital and in fact, indispensable role in all fields of modem human activities. Consequently, Electrical and Electronic Engineering has established itself as one of the most important branches of engineering. The technical aspects of this branch of engineering are often categorized by terms such as power systems, power electronics, control systems, telecommunication, electronic circuits, solid state devices and computer engineering, with increasing importance of computers, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering has been opened as a separate department, but all the students of Electrical and Electronic Engineering are requested to have a balanced knowledge of digital electronics, computers, micro-processors and programming. The new generation of electrical engineers is encouraged to undertaken research and development activities in the above areas and this department is committed to the study and analysis of fundamental as well as applied problems. Problems of national importance have consequently received great emphasis in the activities of this department. Problems in the fields of electric power generation. Transmission and distribution, high voltage transients, power system stability, economic operation of power systems, system planning, design. Throughout the study programs, considerable emphasis is placed on the development of systematic procedure for analysis and design, and on the responsible use of technology.

Department of Civil Engineering

The department of Civil Engineering started its journey in January 2004. It is located at 51, Siddeswari Road, Dhaka-1217 at Siddeswari Campus of the university. The Department offers the degree of Bachclor of Science in Civil Engineering. It has five major divisions such as Water Resource Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Geo-technical Engineering. These divisions offer mainly basic and advanced optional courses. As a whole, this department provides a high quality of curriculum for the students which include basic science courses, humanities and other core engineering courses in the field or civil engineering to produce engineers in leadership. The principal goals of the Department of Civil Engineering are disseminate knowledge, gain professional skills and innovation through research in the interdisciplinary areas of the program that invokes challenges of creating innovative spaces, shelter and structures with favorable environment and sustainable environment in our country and in the world as well.

Department of Architecture

Stamford University Bangladesh is committed to provide education of the highest standards with a vision of excellence that is responsive to society's needs. This context provides a tremendous opportunity for a department of architecture, which addresses issues relevant to the development of the country in relation to global issues in architecture. Department of Architecture (DoA) has started its journey under Faculty of Engineering on February 2005 with four teachers and 25 students. At that time it starts with only one studio, one lecture room and one Faculty room. In the mean time the Department experienced a modest but steady growth. At present it has around 350 students and 19 in house full time faculties. Limitations in funding have resulted a flat expense budgets and annual spending, which limits the growth from 2009-2011. In 2013, The University has provided four floors in a six storied renovated building dedicated to the Architecture Program. The new campus is located at, House No: 19/1, Road No: 06, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205. The building houses studios, class rooms, Faculty rooms, library, Jury Space etc. which is nearly sufficient to run the B.Arch. program efficiently. Approximately 200 students have successfully completed their degrees from this Department and most of them are now engaged in different organizations and pursuing higher studies in the country and abroad.

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