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General Information


Stamford University, Bangladesh was founded in the city of Dhaka in 1994 and then it as known as Stamford College Group, Bangladesh. It was upgraded as a private university with the permission of the Government of Bangladesh in 2002 and emerged as Stamford University, Bangladesh. Stamford College Group, Bangladesh began its journey in 1994 as a full-fledged educational institution with a promise of providing an international standard education. Stamford University, Bangladesh belongs to globally recognized Stamford University & College Group that has 160 campuses now in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and America. This institution has been established with a view to making significant contribution to the development of education in the country. Since its beginning this institution has been continuing its educational programs in Bangladesh with great success and fame. More than 12,000 students have successfully completed their degrees from this university and most of them are now engaged in different national and multinational organizations. More than 12,000 students are studying under undergraduate and graduate programs.

Guiding Principle

  • Commitment to Excellence in Education
  • Commitment to Valuing People in All Aspects of Life
  • Commitment to Being Student, Study & Client Focused
  • Commitment to Quality & Global Educational Programs
  • Commitment to Social and Financial Responsibility


Stamford University Bangladesh offers programs and awards degrees & certificates, which are recognized by the govt. as Stamford has the approval of Bangladesh Govt. Our degrees are equivalent to the degrees of any good university of the world including that of the USA through World Education Services ''WES''. ''WES'' is the degree equivalence authority to recognize degrees of different countries. So Stamford University provides a certificate, which is nationally as well as internationally recognized and students are able to use their certificates in Bangladesh as well as in different countries of the world.


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