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Honorable Pro Vice Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Md. Younus Mia
Post Doc. Research, Kyoto University, Japan
Post Doc. Research, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK
Ph.D. (Aquatic Biosciences), Tokyo University of Fisheries, Japan

Message From The Pro Vice Chancellor

Stamford University Bangladesh is one of the largest Non-Government University of Bangladesh. Ever since of its inception in 2002 the University has been relentlessly working to make higher education available and affordable to all. It always emphasizes on the natural intellect of a student to bring the best out of an individual. We believe in making a bold stride to transform our institution from good to great. It encompasses seeking new knowledge through research and study and disseminating the same to the students. We are proud to possess the finest set of dedicated teachers who constantly strives to remain at part with contemporary knowledge and innovative technology. They are enriching our students with their contributions to be confident enough to take on any challenging task.

Besides its academic activities, The University has been a substantial role in installing patriotism, nationalism and contributing to different development projects of the Government to achieve the Millennium Development Goal (MDG). We expose our students to cultural and contemporary civic and environmental issues that make them aware of their role in making a suitable earth for them and our next progeny.

The University has set a benchmark in diligently following the rules and regulations of ensuring discipline and orderliness to make students responsible a citizen. I cordially extend my greetings to the students, the faculty members and management of Stamford University Bangladesh and wish their wholehearted support to run the University smoothly and maintain an academic atmosphere. Let us lift our institution to a new height with excellent academic flavor through our dedication, sincerity, devotion and uninterrupted cordial support.

- Prof. Dr. Md. Younus Mia, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Stamford University Bangladesh

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Office of the Pro Vice Chancellor
Stamford University Bangladesh
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01711428165, 01785526333
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