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Our heartiest welcome to you for your decision to be a student of Stamford's Education Program. Stamford University Bangladesh is one of the few universities that have been selected for this distinguished worldwide program. Now you are a proud student of globally recognized Stamford University And College Group.

Your affiliation with Stamford is more than Just a relationship: with the industryas leading procedure of training materials, it's a commitment to join us in the pursuit ....

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President's Message

Prof. M. A. Hannan Feroz, Ph.D

Founder & President, BOT
Stamford University Bangladesh

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  • Public Relations Division (PRD)

    The Public Relations Division (PRD) of Stamford University Bangladesh is a very important division. It started its activity since the beginning of the university. Stamford University came to the limelight in a very short time on the basis of academic excellence and through the necessary publicity in newspapers and television media.The Public Relations Division started its activities in a more organized way as a separate department in 2006.From the very beginning, Prof. Dr. M. A. Hannan Feroz, the founder Vice-Chancellor of Stamford University and President, Board of Trustees, took a keen interest in the activity of the Public Relations Division.

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  • Stamford University Volunteers (SUVs)

    Stamford University Volunteers organised a fund raiser within their campus between 4th to 7th July. All teachers and staff contributed generously. All the funds raised were used to provide iftaar for the students of the street school run by Live for Change in 8th July. The students of the school are all street dwellers living in rail stations and slums near the city's main airport. Stamford University Volunteers and the students of the school enjoyed iftar together and talked about the importance ....

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Career Counseling & Placement Center

Stamford University Bangladesh has established a Career Counseling and Placement Centre (CCPC) for helping its students in their quest for employment from the prospective employers. The centre will make an attempt to provide placement opportunities to passing out students and recently passed out graduates. The centre intends to maintain records of the current students and alumni of Stamford and these records are made available to prospective employers.

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