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Incomplete and Improvement Registration- All Programs of Fall-2021

Ref No: SUB/REG-HO 2109/21                                                        

Date: September 21, 2021


Subject:  Incomplete and Improvement Registration- All Programs of Fall-2021.

The students falling under Incomplete and Improvement categories are advised to get their registrations done from September 23  to October 02, 2021.

Students may send their course details by Email and SMS to Exam office at the following Email addresses and/or Mobile numbers for registration of incomplete courses:


  1. Ms. Nurun Nahar Bulbul, Asst. Controller of Exam- 01762401107 or n_bulbul@yahoo.com (LL.B, LMF) 

  2. Ms. Asfia Aktar, Asst. Controller of Exam- 01917161777 or asfia.akter@yahoo.com (BBA,ENG,ENF,ENV,MES)

  3. Mr. Sk. Ali Hyat, Sr. Executive- 01718504394 or hyat74@yahoo.com (CSE,MBA,MBO,MCA,MMB)

  4. Mr. Md. Reajul Islam, Sr. Executive- 01715066109 or reajul.islam66109@gmail.com (BPH,MPM,ARC)

  5. Mr. Md. Jamal Islam, Executive- 01732347941 or jamalislam1977@gmail.com (Civil, FLM,MFM)

  6. Ms. Laboni Yasmine, Executive- 01715829876 or laboniyasmine00@gmail.com (EEE,ECO,BPA,JRN)


Muhammad Abdul Matin