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Bachelor of Public Administration

Bachelor Public Adminstration (BPA)

Bachelor of Public Administration consists of 134.0 credit hours with Internship/Disertation 4.0 Cr. Hrs)..

Fees Structure

Admission Fee : Tk. 15,000.00 (one time, non refundable)
Tuition Fee  : Tk. 2,500.00 per credit hour (for 134.0 credit hours)
Lab Fee : Tk. 500.00 (Per Trimester)
Library Fee  : Tk. 500.00 (Per Trimester)
Student Activity Fee : Tk. 1,000.00 (Per Trimester)
Development Fee : Tk. 8,000.00 (one time)
Medical Fee : Tk. 3,000.00 (one time)
Total Fees : Tk. 3,85,400.00


Other Fees:

ID Card Fee : Tk. 200 (Mandatory for every student for each issuing)
Library Card Fee : Tk. 200 (Mandatory for every student for each issuing)
Campuss Change Fee : Tk. 500 (If necessary)
Program Change Fee : Tk. 5000 (If necessary)
Readmission Fee : Tk. 5000 (If necessary)

For all undergraduate programs:

English Fundamental Course fee - as per the tuition fee of respective program. This course is mandatory for those students who will not be able to score above 50% marks in the English section of Admission Test.

Note: 1. Internship / project / thesis fee is subject to change without any prior notice. It can vary depending on supervisor or other situations.


Foreign Student:

Service Charge         : Tk. 20,000.00       


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