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Master of Laws (LL.M)

Master of Laws (LL.M  Final)

Master of Laws (LL. M., Final) program consists of 36.0 credit hours with project and thesis (6.0 cr. hrs.)..

Fees Structure

Admission Fee  : Tk. 15,000.00 (one time, non refundable)
Tuition Fee   : Tk. 3,000.00 per credit hour
Library Fee  : Tk. 2,500.00 (one time)
Development Fee   : Tk. 8,000.00 (one time)
Medical Fee  : Tk. 1,500.00 (one time)
Id. Card : Tk. 200.00 (one time)
Library Card : Tk. 200.00 (one time)
Total Fees:  : Tk. 1,35,400.00


Foreign Student:

Service Charge         : Tk. 20,000.00       



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