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Professor Dr. M. Feroze Ahmed
Emeritus Professor

Sponsored Research Projects

1. Team Leader, Arsenic Project Support Unit, DFID funded research project on "Assessment of health risk of arsenic mitigation options in Bangladesh" 
2. BUET Coordinator, BUET-MIT(USA) research on “Arsenic release mechanism and its mobility in the aquifer”, funded by National Science Foundation (USA).
3. Collaboration with University of Cincinnati (UC, USA), Columbia University (USA), Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science & Technology (EAWAG) in the field of Arsenic Research.
4. Team Leader, BUET-UNU (United Nations University) research on “Treatment of arsenic contaminated water”.
5. Team Leader, BUET-UNU (United Nations University) research on “Fate of arsenic in the environment”,.
6. Team Leader, BUET-Miyazaki University (Japan) research on “Community water supplies in arsenic contaminated areas”.
7. Principal Investigator, World Health Organization (WHO) funded research project on “Potable water supply in iron problem areas of Bangladesh.
8. Principal Researcher, University Grants Commission funded Research on “Treatment of tannery waste” Produced at Hazaribagh Tannery Complex.
9. Team Leader, Preparation of “Groundwater Quality Map of Bangladesh”, funded by International Training Network Centre, BUET.
10. Team Leader, “Rainwater Harvesting in Bangladesh” funded by International Training Network Centre, BUET.
11. Supervisor, over 30 Research Projects in the field of Environmental Engineering as a requirement for the award of Ph.D. and M.Sc. Engineering degrees financed by BUET Post-graduate Research funds. Some of research topics are given below:

1. Some Characteristics of Various Waters in and Around Dhaka City.
2. Design Parameters for Rural Water Supplies in Bangladesh.
3. A Study on Relocation of Tanneries from Hazaribagh
4. Network Analysis of Water Distribution System of Dhaka City.
5. Development of a Computer Model of Unsteady Flow in Water Pipe Network.
6. Numerical Modeling of Contaminant Transport in Groundwater.
7. Treatment of  Textile Dying Waste Water.
8. Development of a Model for Prediction of Seasonal Pollution Levels of Buriganga River.
9. Effect of Dissolved Oxygen on Biodegradability of Domestic Sewage.
10. Effect of Chlorination on Sewage Disposal in Water Bodies.
11. Characterization, Treatment and Disposal of Sewage of Dhaka City.
12. Development of Sanitation Facilities in Rural Areas with Reference to Meherpur Upazila.
13. A Study on Decay of Faecal Coliform in Natural Aquatic Environment.
14. Hazaribagh Tanneries : A Comparative Study of Pollution Control Options.
15. Industrial Pollution Problems in Bangladesh.
16. A Study on Water Supply and Sewerage Problems in Dhaka City.
17. Health Impact of Water Supply and Sanitation Interventions in Meherpur Paurasava.
18. Environmental Impact Assessment of Natural Gas Development in Bangladesh.
19. An Evaluation of Groundwater Abstraction for Water Supply in Dhaka City.
19. Clarification of Buriganga Water by Sedimentation with Alum Coagulation.
20. Unaccounted-for Water Management Status in Bangladesh.
21. A Study on Effectiveness of Pagla Sewage Treatment Plant.
22. An Environmental Evaluation of Tangail Compartmentalization Project..
23. An Evaluation of Progressive Deterioration of Water Quality of Rivers around Dhaka.
24. Treatment of Surface Water for Water Supply in Dhaka.
25. A Study on Mechanism of Stabilization of Faecal Matters in Septic Tank.
26. Development of a Prototype Plant for Arsenic Removal from Tubewell Water.
27. A Study on Mechanism of Arsenic Release from Soil to Water.
28. A study on Performance of Sayedabad  Water Treatment Plant.
29. An Evaluation of Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete of Different Strength.
30. Effect of Particle Characteristics on  Dewaterability of Sewage Sludge.



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