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Professor Dr. M. Feroze Ahmed
Emeritus Professor

Professor Dr. M. Feroze Ahmed was born in a respectable Muslim Family in a village named West Nizra in Gopalganj P.S. and District, in a typical flood plain of Bangladesh where the area remained submersed around half of the year. Boat was the only mode of communication during flood but now the area is hardly flooded and communication by boat has been replaced by rickshaw and engine driven vehicles of various types on interconnected rural roads. The village was surrounded by beels full of water lily and lotus but gradually they are disappearing with reduction of water. His Farther’s name is Md. Rokanuddin Munshi and

mother’s name is Bhanu Begum. The family was educated for last few generation in the area and the people around gave the title “Munshi” to the family and Professor Ahmed is last descendent of the family to carry the title by affixing “M” in the name which stands for “Munshi” but many confuse it as  “Muhammad’.

Dr. M. Feroze Ahmed is married to “Sharifun Nesa”, a nutritionist by education from Nutrition Institute of Dhaka University in first batch. She adopted family name “Ahmed” and became “Sharifun Ahmed” after Marriage. Prof. M. Feroze Ahmed and Mrs. Sharifun Ahmed are blessed with 3 children - Tanvir Ahmed, Sumana Ahmed and Sharmina Ahmed. Tanvir Ahmed was born in Bangladesh and both Sumana Ahmed and Sharmina Ahmed were born in UK, while Prof. Ahmed was doing his PhD and they became British Citizen by birth. All the three children of Prof. Ahmed are very brilliant and all of them secured merit position in all public examinations. Sharifun Ahmed received “Ratnagarva Ma” ( Mother of Jewels) title for excellent academic achievements of all her children in public examinations.

  Prof. Dr. M. Feroze Ahmed and Sharifun Ahmed   Sharifun Ahmed is Receiving “Rantnagarva” Award  from Mrs. Giti Ara Shafia, Advisor, Caretaker Govt. and Begum Nurjahan, Editor, Begum  Magazine. Received Ph.D. Degree from MIT, USA.
Tanvir Ahmed received his B.Sc. Engg (Civil) and M.Sc. Engg. (Civil & Environment) degrees from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) securing the highest ever CGPA in both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Civil Engineering. He stood first in SSC Exam. by securing highest marks among all Education Boards in Bangladesh in 1994 and got Prime Minister’s Gold medal for his brilliant result in SSC Examination. He also received Gold Medal awarded by BUET for securing highest CGPA in Civil Engineering. He continued his academic excellence at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA during his Ph.D. program which was supported by a number of distinguished fellowships (Schoettler Fellowship, Martin Family Fellowship for Sustainability). He also received the prestigious The Maseeh Award for his inspirational teaching in undergraduate courses at MIT securing highest vote from students. He has published several journal papers in very high impact journals such as Science, PNAS, Nano

Dr. Sajjad Rahman, Sharmina Ahmed and Son Ryan.


Receiving Maseeh Award from  Prof. Patrick Jaillet, Head of Civil & Environ-mental Engineering Department, MIT


Dr. Tanvir Ahmed,  Dr. Nehreem Majed, Daughter Nameera and Son  Tamim


Letters, Integrative biology and so on based on his research at MIT.

Tanvir Ahmed after having his Ph.D. from MIT preferred to come back to Bangladesh to continue his   teaching at BUET and now working as a Professor of Civil Engineering at BUET. Professor Dr. Tanvir Ahmed is probably the only Ph.D. from MIT working in Bangladesh leaving a better life in the USA. Dr. Tanvir Ahmed is Married to Dr. Nehreen Majed  B.Sc.Engg(Civil), M.Sc. Engg. (Civil & Environment) from BUET and Ph.D. from North-Eastern University, Boston, USA. She worked at North South University as an Asst Professor for few years and now working as an Associate Professor at University of Asia Pacific. They have one daughter Nameera and one son Tameem.

Sumana Ahmed received her B.Sc. in CSE degree form BUET and  M.Sc. in CSE from University of Bristol in UK. She is working as Software Development Engineer at Amazon Prime Video, London. She is married to Tasin Reza, B.Sc. in CSE from North-South University and M.Sc. in CSE from University of Bath, UK and presently working as CRO  Director, RedEye International,  London, UK. They have one son, Ayan. Recently Suman Ahmed visited her school and she was amused to see that their merit positions are still preserved in the school although the system of declaring merit positions by education boards has gone long ago and replaced by grading system.

Master’s Degree in CSE from University of Bristol


Tasin Reza, Sumana Ahmed and Son Ayan


Sumana Ahmed at her School


Sharmina Ahmed also did her B.Sc. in CSE from BUET and M.Sc. in CSE from North Carolina State University, USA and worked at Intel Corporation at Intel Head Office in Portland, USA for about 5 years, now she is working as software engineer at Applied Materials in Silicon Valley in San Francisco.   She is married to Dr. Sajjad Rahman B.Sc. in EEE from BUET, M.Sc. in EEE from University of Saskatchewan, Canada and Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Illinois at Chicago, USA. He also worked at Intel Corporation at Intel Head Office in Portland for about 5 Years, then at Samsung and presently working at Apple Computers in Silicon Valley in San Francisco, USA. They have on son, Ryan.


Master’s Degree in CSE from North Carolina State (NCS)University, USA


Worked at Intel Corporation in Portland,  USA




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