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Course Registration of All programs (except Pharmacy) for Trimester ‘Fall-2021’.

Ref No: SUB/REG-HO 2106/27                                                                               

Date: June 27, 2021


To:  All Concerned.

From: Office of the Registrar.


Subject: Course Registration of All programs (except Pharmacy) for Trimester ‘Fall-2021’.


This is for the information of all concerned that the Course Registration of the students of all programs (except Pharmacy) for ‘Fall 2021’ will start from July 04 and closing on July 13, 2021.


Students may send their course details by Email and SMS to Registrar office at the following Email addresses and/or Mobile numbers for registration of courses:


¨ Mr.Kartick Chandra Paul, Asst. Registrar -01779503634 or kartickpaul@stamforduniversity.edu.bd  (BBA, BPA,MPA, JRN, MJR)

¨ Mr.Golam Saroar Rashid, Asst. Registrar -01912759920 or saroar.asstregistrar@yahoo.com (ENV, MES)

¨ Md. Aminul Islam, Asst.Registrar-01712510105 or aminulislam@stamforduniversity.edu.bd (LL.B, LLM)

¨ Akramul Haque, Sr.Executive-01716441449 or akramul@stamforduniversity.edu.bd (MBA, EEE, FLM)

¨ Md.Abu Rasel, Executive-01715123513 or aburasel@stamforduniversity.edu.bd   (CSE, MCE, MCA)

¨ Bristi Akter, Executive-01515212714 or bristi.iu@gmail.com (ARC, ECO, MEC)

¨ Samia Tasnim Chowdhury, Student Counselor-01736-226344 or samia@stamforduniversity.edu.bd (MBO,MMB, ENG,ENF, ENP)

¨ Nezarul Islam Khan, Asst. Executive- 01714797830 or khannezarul@stamforduniversity.edu.bd (CEN)

¨ Mohd. Nural Alam, Asst. Registrar- 01670096935 or mnalam09@stamforduniversity.edu.bd (Readmission)



Muhammad Abdul Matin