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Implementation of monthly payment of tuition fees by the students

Ref: SUB/REG-HO-OM 2108/04 02

Date: August 04, 2021

Subject: Implementation of monthly payment of tuition fees by the students

Ref. A. Decision of Finance Committee Meeting held on March 18, 2021 , B. Approved by BOT in its 39th meeting held on May 06, 2021 

In view of the decision taken vide ref.' A' and 'B' above due to heavy stockpile of dues of tuition fees from the students, the existing dues collection practice will be discontinued to implement the monthly payment system. As the students are now accustomed to pay their dues through bank accounts, NOGOD and BIKASH, it will be easier for the guardians to make payment monthly sitting home without any hassle. It is worthwhile to implement the above from the students of 77th batch onward and this provision will be open to students of previous batches also as an option. 

In order to implement the above practice to start from Fall-21, an all-out support from the academic depts. in terms of advising and counselling the students will be of paramount importance. For providing instantaneous support to implement the monthly payment system, Registrar/ Accounts/ Exams/ Admission and IT offices must be forthcoming and quick to act. 

HODs of concerned administrative divisions will ensure that necessary support services are provided to the Academic Depts. with necessary data as and when required. Our united effort will make the students come out of their non-payment/delayed payment culture and eventually adopt the monthly payment system. 


Muhammad Abdul Matin