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Conduct of classes of Spring semester 2022.

Ref: SUB/REG-HO 2201/22 06

Date: January 22, 2022


To:  All concerned


Subject: Conduct of classes of Spring semester 2022.


Owing to the increasing trend of the COVID-19 across the country the Government has declared a lockdown on educational institutions up to February 06, 2022.  The authority of Stamford University Bangladesh in keeping with the Government instruction has decided to immediately continue all its academic classes of Spring 2022 through on-line. Our previous notice relating to reopening the physical classes from February 01, 2022 is hereby cancelled.

Essential emergency services including registration of courses for the students will be provided online from the office desks through a few assigned persons as before until expiry of lockdown.Movement of employees engaged on emergency duties will remain restricted. Let us comply with the health precautions of COVID-19.


For Admission Office Only: Will operate as usual from the campus and online with safety measures.



Muhammad Abdul Matin           





  1. Chairman, BOT
  2. All members of BOT
  3. Vice-Chancellor   
  4. Pro-Vice Chancellor


  1. All Deans & Chairmen (requested to inform all students and arrange online classes accordingly)
  2. Proctor
  3. All HODs (to operate offices with minimum staff and switching to online services as did earlier)  
  4. Notice Board for students
  5. Website Notice